Important find from early Christian period in County Down

Recently discovered Tide Mill from 787 AD. at Nendrum Monastic Site


Excavations at the Site

The excavations which commenced at the end of April 1999, were funded by the Environment and Heritage Service.
Thomas McErlean, Director of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology had a team led by Norman Crothers.
The site of the mill itself is on private property and is not open to the public.  The trenches were below high tide and have been backfilled.
It had been intended that archaeological information from the dig would be published officially in the year 2000, but more extensive investigations caused a postponement.  In 2002 a preliminary account was publish as a chapter in a report entitled:
“Strangford Lough: An Archaeological Survey of the Maritime Cultural Landscape”

McErlean, T., McConkey, R. and Forsythe, W., 2002, Blackstaff Press Ltd., Belfast, 704pp. ISBN: 0856407232
This was followed in December 2007 by a detailed account in: “Harnessing the Tides: The Early Medieval Tide Mills at Nendrum Monastery, Strangford Lough”
McErlean, T. and Crothers, N., 2007, The Stationery Office, UK. ISBN:  0337088772. 

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